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About Pressed Juice 

All juices are cold pressed which is a method of extraction using a hydraulic press with thousands of pounds. The benefits of cold pressed juice vs traditional juicing is it retains more vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and minerals. 

To obtain the ultimate vitamins, and ensure it taste good please consume within 3 days since produced. Additionally, keep refrigerated until you're ready to drink. 

Note to Sustainability 

We really care about the earth, it's our home. We use glass containers to encourage repurposing your bottles or returning them to us. We will sanitize and reuse. Additionally, all pulp and peels are composted weekly to go back to farmers. If you're interested in compost please contact us.   

Wholesale Inquiries

For any wholesale purchases please email

Payment Methods
Payment Methods

- Cash 

- Zelle 

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